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Constance Wealth Advisors

Tailored Wealth Solutions for a Complex World

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

– Leonardo da Vinci

At Constance Wealth Advisors, we provide investment advisory and consulting services to non-profit organizations and high-net-worth individuals. Our goal is to explore your uniquely complex financial situation and develop a comprehensive, flexible strategy.

Build Your Custom Roadmap

Wealth decisions are complex and uncertain. We strive for the simplicity beyond complexity, resulting in clearly identified goals and risk-reward outcomes, based on probability. Combining your story with our experience produces a collaborative and resilient path to reaching your goals.

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A Custom Strategy for Your Unique Needs

Comprehensive Strategies for Organizations of All Sizes

Most small to mid-sized organizations have complex growth plans. Our team has direct experience with non-profit organizations allowing you to focus on your mission.

Specialized Knowledge:

Reserve Planning

Asset Donations

Investment Policy

Asset Management

Performance Review

Fiduciary Reporting

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Customized Strategy To Meet Your Specific Needs

Wealth is complex at every phase of life, especially early in your career. Success over the long term requires a comprehensive and flexible road map. That's where we come in.

Specialized Knowledge:

Major Life Decisions & Planning

Understanding Risk & Reward

Equity Compensation

Education Planning

Parental Care

Portfolio Design

Charitable Strategies

Who We Are

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Timothy Griffith

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Laura Stevens

Senior Project Manager

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